I Cannot Help But Be Excited

Blog 1549 – 12.15.2019

I Cannot Help But Be Excited

“Like a child’s eyes on Christmas night, I’m looking at you now

Finding answers to my prayers.”


Those Good Old Dreams

It is not just thoughts of Christmas that excite my heart this holiday season but the idea of pending road trips, seeing new places and faces, along with familiar ones too. My job assignment in Indiana is ending this week and I will be “breaking camp” and heading back to Houston, Texas to await my next work assignment and this year I will have the long inexperienced treat of spending Christmas with my wife and son at our home in Texas. It has been several years since that worked out.

When I thought this assignment would last into next year I had already gotten permission to take a few days off and fly back to Houston the week of Christmas. But just as I was about to confirm my plane tickets and rental car reservations online I received a call from my client supervisor and was informed that as soon as this particular job was over I would no longer be needed in Indiana. And since Indiana no longer needs me I will go where I am needed. For the holidays this year that is home and I am excited about that.

It is always especially exciting to me even thinking about a road trip. Growing up we did not get to travel very far from my home town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, or very often anyway. The songs “I’m A Traveling Man” and “Ramblin’ Man” have always appealed to me. I suppose I must have gotten a large dose of the wanderlust just before this go round. All I know is that it thrills my soul to travel. Carol King in her song “So Far Away” moans, “I sure hope the road don’t come to own me” to which I, myself, reply, “Too late for that.” For the last seven and a half years I have drug my little house on wheels across Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. I plan to add Louisiana to that list taking it back to Texas this time and who know where from there. In my travels for the military, work, and play I have to date been in all fifty U.S. states, eleven foreign countries including five different provinces in beautiful Canada. I hope to see more before this journey is over and a larger portion of many of those places I have already been in. As the picture says, “Everywhere is on my list.”

I have plans to get a newer or refurbished pull-behind camper-trailer in the future. Not much, if any, bigger, just with a few less miles on her, as I plan (if I live and maintain my healthy mind and mobility) to spend at least half of the year each year in retirement seeing this great country and staying in as many campgrounds across it with my lovely wife as I can talk her into. It is pretty cramp quarters in my camper trailer but that can sometimes be quite cozy, I think. Still it is also nice to spread out a bit at home, in a large hotel or motel room, or cruise ship stateroom from time to time too, and I have promised myself and her to see Paris and a bigger part of the world too, and I intend to keep those promises.

And I am exited to get to do so. Sometimes you feel like you wanna stay, sometimes you feel like you wanna go. Go, Baby, Go.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

On the road again, sing it Willie,

David White

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