Thank You, Frank

Blog 1531 – 11.27.2019

Thank You, Frank

I have in a well-lived life been the recipient of many gifts from friends, relatives, and strangers. Often the best best way to really get to know someone is through the eyes and recollections of someone who really knew and loved them.

That is how I came to know Frank, the dear departed long friend and loving husband of a friend I met some years ago. Frank was not a perfect man, none of us is, I expect even Jesus on his human side had some foibles, tastes, and temperaments that were not what some would consider saintly. But of all the wonderful stories I heard about Frank the ones most endearing were about his long-time habit of doing at least one good deed each day.

Doing a good deed every day was a concept that I was taught in Sunday School and in my brief career as Boy Scout. Frank served in the U.S. Army in Europe during World War II. During the war and after the war in a destroyed and devastated Europe he saw a lot of hungry people, men and women, boys, and girls and vowed that he would do something to prevent that as much as he could for the rest of his life. Frank ran and later owned restaurants in Ohio and Indiana and he made it known to all his employees that no one was ever to leave his restaurant hungry whether they could afford to pay or not. Those who could not afford to pay were not allowed to order a la cart nor to have soda pops but they could have anything off the hot trays that they wanted and all the milk they could drink. And it was quietly known by poor people for miles around that Frank would let no one leave hungry from his place.

Frank did many other un-trumpeted good deeds, works of kindness, and acts of charity. Frank was a businessman and he knew how to make money and he provided well for his family especially his girls. He passed on his great tradition of doing at least one good deed daily to many. Though I never met him face to face I try to follow his wonderful example myself. This daily blog, my Daily Mockingbird Song, and my David Children’s Books have all grown out of a desires to do at least one good deed daily. I try to always have my heart and my eyes open for a chance to be like Frank and do a good deed.

I believe the great secret to success in life is an attitude of gratitude, giving thanks. But more about that tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, along with a tribute to another man I never met but nevertheless know of as many do, named Danny.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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