“I Know You”

Blog 1503 – 10.30.2019

“I Know You”

There is an endearing line from the Forrest Gump movie, while waiting with his son for the school bus Forrest recognizing his own boyhood Curious George children’s book that Little Forrest is taking to Show ‘N Tell that day at school. Forrest smiles and says, “I know you” remembering how his mother often read that book to him at bedtime. Children love to be read to, many of us adults still do too.

At the request of a friend in Wisconsin I started recording children’s books because she said she wanted to share them with her first granddaughter, Amelia. Having previously recorded over two hundred and fifty cover songs for my daily email to some friends that I call my “Daily Mockingbird Song” I figured that I would also share these children’s book recordings in a similar daily email called “David Reads Children’s Books.”


The Greatest Love Of All

I had no idea when my friend sent me some books that she had saved from her children for her grandchildren that I was going to enjoy this project so much. I have added many more books from scouring resale shops for children’s books that catch my eye and tug at my heart. Some of them I can hardly read for the tears welling up – what wonderful stories. This morning I just completed a series of four amazing Native American folk tales:

The First Strawberries

The Legend Of The Bluebonnet

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

Turquoise Boy

I am ever amazed at all the wonderful stories that I might, myself, have missed had not I undertaken this rewarding journey, all because a loving grandma wanted her first grand baby girl to always be able to hear stories. I hope Amelia enjoys them and many others too, I certainly am enjoying them and that has to show.

Someone said, “I just don’t get it. Isn’t the whole purpose of children’s books to hold your child in your lap and read to them?” That might have once caused me to question continuing the project but alas it, it is too late for that, for the little child in me is already hooked and so I can hear no question over the one child’s voice imploring, “Will you read me another story?” And I intend to as long as I have breath.” David reads children’s books not just for Amelia or all the children in the world but because my Baby loves being read to and job one is making and keeping my Baby happy. It is not our job to make everyone or anyone else happy, in fact it is quite an impossible task to make anyone other than ourself happy if they are not already, but we can, should, and are supposed to make ourselves happy. Happy people are a joy to themselves and everyone they encounter, and that Turquoise Boy, is the secret to making the burden of the people lighter.

I rise long before the sun or the chickens each morning, my mission is clear and now three-fold:

Publish my daily blog at:


Email a cover song with a link to my blog.

Email the next number in David Reads Children’s Book (Already over one hundred and counting)

Someday I fully expect to speak to a waitress, policeman or other adult along the way and at them recognizing my voice hear them excitedly say, “I know you. You read to me as a child. Oh, please, read us another story.” On my birthday this year the new Tom Hanks movie is scheduled to be released “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” In the movie Tom Plays another of my heroes, Mister Fred Rogers. I saw a scene in the preview where Tom as Fred gets on a bus and at the back a chorus of young adult smiling faces greet him with, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…” just their way of saying as Forrest did, “I know you.”

“To know, know, know you is to love, love, love you, and I do.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Turquoise Boy

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