The Unexpected Mistakes, Miracles

Blog 1474 – 09.30.2019

The Unexpected Mistakes, Miracles

As with the blogs, songs, and the children’s books I read daily my miss-prints, flubbed lines, mess ups, and mispronounced words only serve to make my offerings more genuine and real. And, no, I am not just making excuses for my mistakes or trying to avoid correcting them for I do try in most instances to give you my very best. Flawless perfection is an illusion, nowhere real in all of the Universe, no not even in Jesus or Mother Mary. I suspect even God too, and gods or God’s we all are, He/She/We, and as so we are entitled to make a few glorious mistakes.

Sometimes the unplanned, unexpected show stoppers are equally grand children too. There in is a blog idea “The Unexpected Mistakes, Miracles” that I would to like to explore a bit with you. I am not a fatalist but I agree with the conclusion of all of the Terminator movies that there is no fate but what we make, no set script that we must follow, no sure and certain path we are supposed to take or to be on. I do, however, believe that there is a happy ending eventually for all of us, no matter how many lifetimes that it may take us to get there.

It is not inconceivable to me that many might often have chosen or may still yet choose adventures that are melodramatic tear-jerkers with heart-breaking endings. Some of us seem to enjoy those sort of books, plays, and movies with lots of drama, trauma, tension, cliff-hanging nail-biting suspense, and even pee-your-pants scary scenes. To each his or her own – and in most of our cases if not yet a “been there done that ” there still maybe a thriller or ten “yet to come.” How else might a true divine adventurer dive into all the depths and explore all the crack and cranny possibilities of life in this time-space experiment? Often hidden from us is the knowledge of who and who’s we are and as well the nature of this safe space holodeck-type experiment where finding ourself over and over again seems to be the only end game.

Nothing shows us the seams and glitches in the program more than our character flaws, weaknesses and mistakes. Far from just proving “I am not a robot” they point out that everything else all around us is our own programmed illusion. I have mentioned more than once the Bible verse that says, as we think in our hearts so are we. The longer we try to deny our own responsibility in the shaping of the world that we find ourselves in, that much longer we struggle to unravel all the clues to who and who’s we are that we have ourselves carefully placed like crumbs dropped along the path to guide us safely back home.

Actions have consequences, there are rules to follow, but there is a Higher Self and Higher Life above, beyond, and outside of these short run productions. It if seems I have stretched this metaphor too far, that too we all often do trying to make or to prove a point. I heard someone say, pointing out how flawed and full of exceptions even the best of plans might be even if there is a simple guiding plan: “Why, even I was an accident.” So many seeds are cast, so few fine suitable soil in which to grow,. Yet how fertile Mother Earth is and how persistent and potent is Father Sky.

So many choices and so many are afraid to choose for fear of making a mistake. What miracles we create by mistake. Think of all the beautiful children who got their start as a twinkle in their father’s eye and a lusty willing smile on their mommy’s face. Mistakes, perhaps some choices might seem, but all potential divine miracles nonetheless.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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