Personality Cults

Blog 1458 – 09.15.2019

Personality Cults

We all have ego(s) that enjoy being stroked but big balloons full of hot air need to be poked From time to time. I do not find it amazing at all that one of the sons of God and man chose to make himself accessible and to live humbly before God and man. Actually I think that is the truest measure of anyone’s awareness of Who and Whose they truly are – that we recognize that that dual heritage is the right of all not just one or a few or even one hundred and forty-four thousand chosen ones. There is no number bigger than One and we are all Number One, and One with the Divine.

And yet we have so many, what I call Personality Cults, that rise up among us. I should really say, between us, for chiefly among the tools of such celebrities, preachers, pastors, politicians, attention hogs all, is this “divide and conquer strategy.” It is easily to form a large group of followers when you have some imaginary “other or others” to blame everything on. History is littered with stories of one group or individual being marginalized and mistreated by those in power and every diatribe being used to focus blame and shame on the chosen one or “unchosen few” to shift the scrutiny from the real culprits “the dividers” who preach hatred of others.

It is so on point that one of the names of the, to me, imaginary Prince of Darkness, the Devil, is Satan. The literal meaning of the word Satan is, “The accuser of the brethren.” Who truly is Satan but those who accuse our brothers and sisters of being “less than.” Nothing could be further from the truth and we would see it readily if ego, the true satan, did not rear his/her head in others and in ourselves. We indeed, all, have this treasured God-spark in earthen vessels that the excellency might be of the LORD. But, the flesh, the clay, is often weak and susceptible to charismatic people’s persuasion, hence personality cults.

We see something in others that we want to follow, to support, to share with others. What we see, what we can ever and only see is some reflection of something within ourselves. We indeed are all, and have it all, for we are One with all. There is not now nor has there ever been a need for “personality cults” You see, there is truly only one person, you/me/he/she/we – One. Do not be fooled by ego-pretenders to the throne who say things like, “I am the only one who can save our way of life (who is to say that any one view of what that really is or should be needs saving.” We can believe, do, and be anything we want for we are individually and collectively everything.

Some princes and princesses, to collect and consolidate favor and power, seek always to be the center of attention and promote their own personality cults while social media sells advertising, personal preference information, and divisive “fake new” accounts to stir the political pot. Do not be fools, sisters and brothers or over concerned with how many likes or followers you may have. Many of us are already waking from these time and space dreams and encouraging others to do so as well. Awake, oh sleepers, and let the knowledge of Who and Whose you are, shine in you and out to an ever-brightening world.

And this writer, self-accepter and self-critic, said, “Now that is some good shit!”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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