No Need For Love Hierarchy, For There Is Only One

Blog 1441 – 08.31.2019

No Need For Love Hierarchy, For There Is Only One

Just before leaving Oz to return home to her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry’s farm in Kansas and while saying her good-byes to her three trusted and valued new friends, Dorothy says to Scarecrow, her first traveling friend on her Oz adventure: “Scarecrow, I will miss you most of all.” Was that really necessary or even true? From children we are always under pressure to choose, to pick, and are often asked questions like: “Who is your best friend? Who do you love the best. Who is your Number One?”

I believe the best and wisest answer to those question is always, “Why you, of course.” I am thinking of the loving but very human mother in Pat Conroy’s wonderful book, The Prince Of Tides (He is one of my favorite authors and that one of my favorite of his books by the way.) The scene in the story that comes to my mind is of the wife of a South Carolina shrimper who is unsatisfied with that role but she is also the mother of three children and she loves them each dearly and so she takes each child up in the bed with her at different times and says, “Don’t tell the others but I love you the best.” Long I thought that wrong of her but I have come to see it from her point of view. She wanted each one of her children to believe that they were the most loved. How much better is that than Tommy Smothers’ famous sad line to his brother, “Mom always loved you best.”

I have a younger brother by eighteen months, Robert Wayne White, and I grew up believing that my Mama loved me best, but so did he, and that is, I think, how it is supposed to be. That, to me, is the highest and best meaning of the sixties Motown anthem, “If you can’t be with the one you love, Honey, love the one you’re with.” Who are you with always? “Why, you, of course.” Full circle, I like that.

There is not now, nor will there be tomorrow, nor has there ever been really a need for a hierarchy in loving for there is only One – She/He/Me/We. Several of the world’s great religions say in so many words The Lord God (by whatever name) is One. And even the poly-theists are only saying everything is God, or God is everything, which is really sort of saying the same thing as the Bible says in one of my favorite lines from that book, “God is all in all.” As I have said often, and most likely will continue to, Jesus’ two commandments to supersede all others (Actually three) Love God, Love Others, Love Yourself, were not intended to be interpreted Love God First, Love Your Neighbor Second, and then Love Yourself. But start any place you like, the three are one. So there is really only one commandment/suggestion – Love.

Who do you love? Who is your best friend? Who is you Number One? No need to ask me. My pat answer is always, “Why, you of course.” Even every Elenor Rigby longs to believe that she is loved the best.

For God so loved the world that She/He sent many not just Jesus but also me to remind you – God loves you best and that is how we are meant to love – the very best we can, everybody and everything. And what a Wonderful World that would be and is.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

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