Una, Uno, Number One

Blog 1424 – 08.14.2019

Una, Uno, Number One

One is not a lonely number. But, I think, rather that one is the only number. How often we hear so out context and silly in this context people remark, “He/She only cares about Number One.” If we really did that it would be no problem for anyone not even ourselves. When we see something that we love or think we do not so much in someone else we are only seeing a reflection of the One Self – Our Self. It is a false premise this “You must be true to me alone.” William Shakespeare is often quoted as having written, “To thine own self be true, then thou canst be false to no man (or woman I might add.) Real love is just recognizing the One Great Self in another. Hence the wonderful line from a favorite song of mine, “Till you find Him (Her) in the mirror you’ve got a long way to go.” And I know to you “God fearing folk” this may sound all wrong but to me it is “God fearing” that is all wrong. Why the very book that purports with several others to show us the only way to God (Go in any direction, you cannot help but find the omnipresent God) says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” And that “God is Love.” I belabor the point and I intend to as long as I live – there is nothing whatsoever to fear for we are loved, we are lovable, we are altogether lovely, we are love – we are One with Love.

The story goes that upon landing his boat on the other side of Lake Galilee a crazed man, hairy, and unkempt, ran up to Jesus. The boys were scared. Jesus was not, love has nothing to fear, and he loved. That is what drew the man and draws all men and women. Jesus asked the wild man, “What is your name?” And he answered “Legion, for we are many.” This is one of the Bible stories that people who believe in devils and demon possession point to as justification for those beliefs. But modern psychology attributes such mistaken identity and weird behavior to mental illness. When the psyche is split into two or multiple personalities they call that condition bipolar or schizophrenia. I believe that we, every one of us, is a part of the One Higher Self that expresses itself in everything and each of us, in both feminine and masculine characteristics. We each tend to favor one of those points of reference, more or less, but have within us the ability to understand the other point of view way better that we admit, for “male and female we are created” and it is those differences of point of view and ways of dealing with things and people that makes us whole and holy. Behold, the Lord God is One, all that there is is that Oneness. So how can the loneliest number be the number One when it encompasses everything, all the numbers, the cute little numbers, and the big gnarly ones as well.

No man is an island no matter how tough or strong he thinks he is and no woman has to live life Elenor Rigby, waiting at the window, keeping her face in a jar by the door, or Aunt Kathy who waited all her life for the “perfect man” or Sister Bernadette who believed herself “married to God” pretending they had no need for “Cheery O’s.” Surely they would have enjoyed them as much as the rest of us. Cousin Shirley surely did. It is as sad to me as Steve Carell’s portrayal of The Forty Year Old Virgin in the 2005 film.

And that is supposed to be funny? Self-imposed chastity for religious or any other equally silly reason seems to me to be sad not funny. I am reminded of a favorite line from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where Ferris tells his girl friend that they have to get his best buddy laid before he thinks he has to marry the first girl who has sex with him. Now that is funny.

You are one with the Universe, one is the only number, so have fun. You are the One and Only. In case you were suffering like Legion from a little mistaken identity. Good to be reminded and to remember Who and Whose you really are, you Divine One, You.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

With a Hi Ho Howdy and Namaste,

David White

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