The Art Of Racing In The Rain

Blog 1422 – 08.12.2019

The Art Of Racing In The Rain

Sometimes you have only to see the preview of a movie to know that that movie is going to be one of those movies that really speaks to you and that you will want to watch it over and over again.

Since I first met Milo Ventimiglia as Lorie Gilmore’s “bad boy” boyfriend in The Gilmore Girls WB TV series and first saw the lovely and talented Amanda Seyfried in HBO’s Big Love, and first heard Kevin Costner’s unmistakeable voice as a young cowboy in Silverado I have been a fan of all three.

Kevin Costner does the voice of Enzo the racing dog in the newly released movie, The Art Of Racing In The Rain. And, yes, it is another dog movie and I love dog movies. When Kevin voiced what the dog was thinking in the movie preview as the dog looks at a very pregnant and glowing Amanda Seyfried, “I hope the baby looks like me” I just knew the whole movie had to be wonderful. And that I would have to see it to confirm that to be true.

The remainder of this blog is my review and tribute to the movie with the hope that you will see it for yourself. Here goes:

Well, I did see the movie Saturday and it was everything that I hoped it would be and more. It is a work I believe everyone who had a hand in, especially the three starring actors I mention above will think of as a crowning moment in their careers. I love it when a movie or a story, and the best movie to me are great stories, begins and ends at the same place, taking you full circle like a race track.

Enzo, the puppy, is named Enzo by the young race car driver who picks him from a litter of puppies. He is named after Enzo Ferrari who founded the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello in 1939. The Alfa Romeo’s race division, Auto Avio Costruzioni, built its first car in 1940. Enzo, the dog, loves his auto racer friend owner, auto racing, and learns to love the girl his driver marries into their family, and later the daughter they all three have together. Their little girl tells all her young friends as soon as she starts school that Enzo is her big brother. What Enzo wants most besides loving and protecting his family is to learn all he can about racing, risking, loving as a human so he can do all of that as a human in his next life.

It is a joyful and tearful life story that he lives and shares with his racing family and all of us. You will enjoy this wonderful story of lives touched by the tragedies of loss and the thrills of winning that are at the heart of the human race, as seen through the eyes of a very intelligent dog, would be human. I hope each of you reading this will see this inspiring movie for yourself. Enjoy the race.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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