When Our Time, This Time Is Up

Blog 1407 – 07.27.2019

When Our Time, This Time, Is Up

When our time, this time, is up

Are we ready to pass the cup?

So many others we have known

Already from this life have flown.

And did they know, have any clue,

How near their own passing drew?

Or will we have warning to prepare?

Death takes us all mostly unaware.

When our time is up will we be satisfied

With what we accomplished, all we tried

Or regret, that we did our best gifts hide

Might have left more behind had we tried?

Like you, I too, have scarcely any clue

How much time I’ve left, so much to do,

One more blog, song, book read to you

Seize every chance to say, “I love you.”

Carpe Diem, means “Seize the day”

Leave naught unsaid you want to say

No song unsung, no “To Do List” to do

For only today is promised me and you.

Like most of you, I hope to comply with Star Trek Mister Spock’s salutation to, “Live Long And Prosper.” The first to play Mister Spock, Leonard Nimoy, has already passed, playing his final scene in this particular play but we have not, so let us save our bows for the curtain call and give our best performances now. We will, I think, be glad we did.

Your friend and fellow traveler,


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