“When Are You Going To Hug Me?”

Blog 1355 – 06.05.2019

“When Are You Going To Hug Me?”

It is amazing to me the way the Universe is ever conspiring to show to us what we want more than anything else to see and is continually reaffirming all that we know inside to be true. This was the second soul touching and heart wrenching thing I saw in the movie “Rocketman” on Sunday. I saw the little boy, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, a.k.a. Elton John, who always wanted his dad to hug him and even asked him, “When are you going to hug me?” standing in the middle of a room in front of an older somewhat wiser version of himself asking that self same question. That little boy finally got the love and hug from the only one who could ever love him as he and as we all need to be loved – himself, ourself.

It is the lesson of a lifetime that “there is never a shortage of love” our heart is and has always been full of it and as big as all outdoors. All that breaking is our heart trying to burst out of the narrow confines of our own narrow thinking. We are – mind, heart, and soul way bigger than this little house, and little world that we reside in and are on for only a little while and not really even that for our true home is not this little body but the whole Universe.

Artist genius is one of those many cracks revealing the light and endless love within each one of us, tailor-made to fit but that draws those who can also love and appreciate us best when we put on our splendid love robe of many colors. It is far more beautiful and than the coat of many colors that Joseph’s dad gave him, or Dolly Parton’s, or all the of the colorful and perhaps a bit outlandish outfits and glasses that Elton wore as he performed.

All God’s children have got a robe and we don’t need to wait till heaven to put it on and to shine, shine, shine. Hear that child within saying, “When are you gonna hug me?” And do not wait another minute, do it now.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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