Just Passing Through

Blog 1331 – 05.02.2019

Just Passing Through

I remember from when I was a younger man a song that was at the time quite popular in certain Christian circles. The chorus went, “This world is not my home. I am just a passing through.” I no longer believe a lot of things that Christians sing and believe, nor Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or others for that matter, but I do still often find common ground with people of faith and with those outside the mainstream religions as well. My religion, if I have any, is allowing others to have their own experiences and refraining as much as I humanly can from opposing or judging anyone including myself. Love does not judge, it just loves.

There is a line in one the Beauty And The Beast songs called Days In The Sun where Belle sings, “I was innocent but certain, now I’m wiser but unsure.” I have found that to be true in my life. When I was a younger man I was so sure of so many things but in time I have become a little wiser and far more unsure. To me one of the best discoveries of my life was finding out that as much as I loved arguing and thinking myself right that I much prefer being happy to being right. I no longer have to be right or even want to be. I want to be happy. If it makes you happy being right, have this one on me, I happily concede the argument. Right or left, forward or backward, up or down, are just directions in this time space construct in which we find ourselves. Direction or position matter far less than the peace, love, and joy for ourselves and every girl and boy.

We are not here forever, just for a time, and it is not nearly as important what we think we know or even what we do as it is that we enjoy the journey. I remarked in a recent blog that This Is Not A Test or preparation for a bigger test later on. This life as the Unitarians say, “… is meant to be good.” We make it, in many cases, far harder and far less fun, than it is meant to be. But though we may not, immediately at least, be able to change the whole world, we can change our thoughts by just thinking some new ones. And that my friends changes everything. All the preachers, politicians, and salesmen (others too) are forever yelling, “Make up your mind” when what they really want is to make our minds up for us so we will buy what they are selling. They are actually so unsure of their own thoughts that they need our complete and constant agreement to validate their own often incredible (unbelievable) thoughts.

Oh, do think for yourself and have your own experiences. We are all, my fellow Blues Clues brothers and sisters, on a mission from God as it were and not to tame or win the world but to move through it observing the people and places, sights and sounds while playing over and over in our heads His/Her theme: “Joy to the world…and heaven and nature sing.”

Bon voyage, mon ami.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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