Getting Our Ducks In A Row

Blog 1320 – 04.21.2019

Getting Our Ducks In A Row

My friend Mike Dooley recently released a new book, A Beginners Guide To The Universe: Uncommon Ideas For Living An Uncommonly Happy Life, a book of life advice for his young daughter. She has been in many ways a sweet and pleasing added treasure to his life. As a father myself I know how very much we receive and can learn from our children. Mike is one of the wisest souls that I have come across. I lift just one quote from the book to support my claim:

“Little ducks never line up until mama duck just goes – the same will be true of getting your ducks in a row.” Things so seldom go exactly according to plan anyway and we waste so much time with inaction because we think we have to have it all figured out before we start and the opposite is much more often true, that we only begin to understand where we are headed or what we will do when we get there, after we are on the road moving, moving, moving – keep them doggies moving, Rawhide. Sorry, I could not resist, that song has been stuck in my head since the 1950’s when Clint Eastwood played Rowdy Yates on the TV western series Rawhide.

But back to ducks and getting them in a row. That is an expression that I first heard about the time I was watching Rawhide as a boy and it means getting things lined up. Life is, contrary to what we have been told, an in-process thing not a planned out, follow an itinerary sort of thing. Some years ago Nike started an ad campaign with the “Just Do It.” Oh, you might be thinking but there is so much more to it than that. But we never know till we get at it, get started, where we will end up.

I happen to buy into completely the philosophy expressed by my wise friend, Mike Dooley, that thoughts become things and that we are responsible for making what happens in our life by our thoughts (intentions) and the steps we take in the direction of those. And really it isn’t how big or how well planned or executed the steps are but that they are in the direction of our dreams for it is the Universe, our higher best self (some prefer the term God), that makes our dreams come true. But even then we help make them happen by thinking about them and by proving to the Big U what it truly is that we want by taking even one baby step in that direction.

And when we do just like mama duck we will find all our ducks getting in a row to follow if not push us in the right direction toward our dearest dreams.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Happy Easter, Passover, Spring to all. Don’t Worry Be Happy.

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