Why The Wait?

Blog 1307 – 04.08.2019

Why The Wait?

Did you ever wonder why it seems there is such a delay, such a seemingly long wait before what we ask for comes to us? I am sure you have, we all do. I pose at least one possible answer to that question. But first a little story that I hope will illustrate my point.

Over thirty-eight years ago I attended a training at work that was intended to help with memory. Many of our delays and mistakes made at work and elsewhere involve our seeming inability to quickly recall information that we know we know but just cannot readily recall. The seminar leader gave us a few tricks, hooks, to hang important information on to make it easier to recall. But before he did as I am he told a little story to illustrate how the memory works.

It is an old school story back when libraries had massive card catalogs and large staffs of librarians whose main function was to help you find the book you were looking for. You simply walked up to the big central desk and wrote on a slip of paper the name of the book and author’s name, if you knew it, and gave it to the librarian who promptly went to retrieve the book from the shelf for you. The memory seminar leader said our brains work just like that. Every thing we have ever seen, done, read, said, heard, or thought is shelved away in that massive tome of entries and we retrieve it much as a book from the library. We present our request and the librarian of our brain goes to retrieve the information. Like an actual librarian this assistant knows the shortest route to collect the facts requested but often we become impatient and call him/her back before they have gotten it and re-make our request. This is like clicking the elevator button several times or more appropriately and more up to date like clicking on the computer thinking it will work faster when the additional clicks only slow the retrieval process.

There are other factors for sure for the delay in our receiving our requests from the Universe like maybe us wiser ones have a disclaimer we have attached to all our requests, even if we fail to name it specifically, i.e. that all our requests are made with the caveat that they are intended for the good of ourselves, the Universe, and everyone so please disregard if they do not meet that sensible and actually quite low bar. Why, would anyone really want anything if it meant someone else would be or have less for it? I guess some few of us have not thought that out completely, but it eventually comes to all. That is why I think the very rich often become philanthropists, trying to give back the over abundance they have collected in life. There is no shortage. There is plenty for all. The Universe knows that and is more than willing to give it if we are but ready and willing to receive it and as quick as a flash.

It always seems like a miracle when what we ask for comes right away, out of the blue, and with no delay. I believe in miracles. It is all one big beautiful miracle. Amazon gets a lot of bad press because it’s founder is one of those very rich guys with a rapidly growing pile himself. Still I like the way you can make your request, give them the delivery information, and billing information and poof it’s on it’s way and is scheduled to arrive on …. Wow, that is service but the Big Universe is even better than Amazon, knows always where you are, and needs no credit card. And on top of that always gets the order right, even if you request the wrong size or color, that is because you and I are a big part of the Big U and our Higher Self knows not only what is best for us but exactly what we really need and want. Big U is not beyond using a big brown UPS trucks or even an Amazon drone to get it to you fast, or winged feet Mercury or an angel special delivery.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Oh, yeah, there’s a package for you.

5 thoughts on “Why The Wait?

  1. I didn’t see a 📦….did I miss something? I’m gettung ready for Bible School and just wanted to check on you and this comment came up. I’m gettjbg ready for school so have a great day and I’m planning on catching up tomorrow. Looooog day when I got home from ⛪ yesterday and with Easter coming have extra work to do but all good for me. Have a blessed day🙏🙋


    1. “Oh, yeah, there is a package for you” is a figure of speech, referring to the “present” we each receive every day. Enjoy this wondrous gift. Love, D

      On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 6:06 AM theencouragingword wrote:



  2. Great post, as always an interesting take and read for us all. I can’t help myself – I recently went to a cafe for lunch, and the staff were very busy so everything took time, when we were finally attended to the waiter said “Sorry about the wait” and I said – yeah, any dietary tips! He was blank.


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