Blog 1271 – 03.03.2019


One dictionary sense of the verb form of our title word today is “to make clearly evident.” Many of the New Age people that I have been following for several years use the word to describe the almost magical act of making thoughts materialize into things and situations almost out of thin air so to speak. Before you blast all this as poppycock or just wishful thinking take a moment to consider where all the material things came from or come from. My friend Mike Dooley likes to say, and often does, “Thoughts become things.” A proverb comes to mind, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Is it such a stretch to modify that to, “As you think a situation to be so it is?” I do not dispute that there are more than a few steps most times between an idea or thought and the real world evidence of the accomplished feat or fact.

I am old enough to recall our youngest President saying that before the decade of the sixties was out that he proposed that we put a man on the moon and bring him safely back to earth. There were a lot of things that had yet to be invented and manufactured to make that mission possible and several other missions had to be launch first, teams of astronauts and ground crews, and a heaven of a lot of engineers to work out all the bugs before Alan Shepard could utter those iconic words, “One small step for a man, one great leap for mankind.” But they did it, we did it, I do not remember our hopes being so high as we celebrated that first step on solid ground off this planet. It was our young President’s dream and the dreams of a lot of people made manifest, sadly he did not live to see it, nor his brother Bobby, nor Martin Luther King, Jr. But we did and it was a glorious moment in time.

We have thought many thoughts, dreamed many dreams, intended many intentions throughout our lives, many of which have already manifested. Not exactly magic perhaps but still pretty marvelous. A saying I long have loved is, “From tiny acorns might oaks grow.” Like an infant crying because it wants to hold the moon we too want, think, desire, and our dreams do come true, and manifest.

“Thoughts become things, pick the good one.” Happy manifesting.

Manifest is also a new weekly TV Series that comes on Monday nights on NBS. If you have not, do give it a look. Great ensemble and interesting story line.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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