Are All Beliefs And Opinions True?

Blog 1265 – 02.25.2019

Are All Beliefs and Opinions True?

They may at first seems so, at least to the person espousing them, but what standard do we use to determine what is true and what is, and I am being kind, misleading, mistaken, or at any rate information that no longer serves us. The picture today is a little blurry but so is our thinking often because we have something stuck in our mind’s eye that we need to remove. It has been some time since I quoted the second of The Ten Intentions For A Better World that I try to live by:

“I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me. I go to the source. I seek truth.”

What measure do we use to verify the truth of not just the claims of others but the long held tenets of our own faith. I think that the thinking world at large considers it disingenuous to continually play “the faith card” the “it is what my grandparents believed, it is what my parents believed, and so it is what I believe” card. Actually it does not matter what any one else did or does not believe we are still responsible for what we trust as true. Whatever we believe is “our truth” but does it serve us, others, and the Universe. The easiest, best, and truest way to evaluate “truth” is to go to the source. Second and third hand information is almost always less accurate and less reliable.

Most of us have seen this demonstrated by having a group of friend sit in a circle and one in the group whispers in the ear of the person next to him or her a secret and says pass it on. Then the first person tells the whole group what he/she whispered first and the almost always radically different and usually indecipherable thing that was whispered in his/her ear when the secret went full circle.

The expression I heard growing up was, “Straight from the horse’s mouth.” The only horse I knew of then that talked, or at least looked like he talked, was Mr. Ed and someone else did the talking and they put peanut butter in Mr. Ed’s mouth to make him move his lips. Cool trick, but don’t let anyone trick you into believing or continuing to believe anything that no longer serves you. We should have sound reasons, rational or intuitive, for believing what we believe. Blind faith is what con-men are always looking to profit from and the surest way to get conned is to believe everything you are told without doing your do diligence and checking it out for yourself.

I happen to believe that we all have a certain amount of built In discernment, grant you it can become stunted if we override it all the time. How many times have you heard someone or yourself say things like, “I should have gone with my gut.” Or “I just knew that something was fishy about that deal but I went against my better judgement.” That “still small voice” of intuition and reason resides in all of us and is always wishing to better inform our thinking and our beliefs.

I leave you with one of my favorite John Wayne quotes, “Listen, and listen tight, Pilgrim.” If you have lately been disturbed by some John Wayne quotes from an old Playboy interview, and rightfully so, I hope you can remember the context of fifty years ago, I hope we have all grown in our understanding since then, but probably not unless we continue to discard beliefs that are no longer serving us. Dixie, some old times and beliefs truly should be forgotten, laid to rest, moved on from. Or so this southern born boy thinks.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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