Blogs, Like Notes In A Bottle

Blog 1262 – 02.12.2019

Blogs, Like Notes In A Bottle

A friend at work with strong opinions, like many of us, was ranting against liberal bias, one of his favorite platforms and especially the progressive bent from his point of view at least and often progressive leanings of Wikipedia’s easily accessed information on line. He heard or saw an article about one young man who has no paying job, lives with his parents, but feels his mission in life is to contribute information to Wikipedia doing his best to help get and keep the best, most correct information out there. And I know Wikipedia does not always get it right (Who does) and what if any information source is completely free of any bias. They are after all run by people and people, as I started out, many of us if not all of us, have strong opinions that form and inform our opinions.

My friends remarks about that particular young man hit home with me – ouch, when he referred to that young man in so many words as a dough faced boy pontificating. I do have a paying job, sadly not writing, speaking, or singing, and my parents are long gone and I have my own place, rent and electric bill to prove it. But I am pretty pale skinned, doughy-faced as it were, and my words might to some seem like I am pontificating. Like the young man above I do hope I am contributing, encouraging, inspiring, entertaining, and uplifting words. But then others must be the true arbiters of how well I am doing that.

Some time ago I began to see my blogs for what I think they are – just notes in a bottle cast out to sea hoping someone will read them and be encouraged. Many feel so alone as if stranded on a deserted island. A long time friend last night who is almost eighty two and lost her husband of many years just last year spoke of two ladies that I also knew as a boy who are widowed and how the three of them share their troubles and lonesomeness together. I don’t think she realized the incongruity of her remark and I did not try to inform her. And yet this is what I have come to see as one of Ego Satan’s most powerful illusions, this separateness, this loneliness. While all the while the still small voice whispers to our heart of hearts, “You are never never alone, my Child, for I am with you always, and have given you a host of loving brothers and sisters to comfort you on this your chosen adventure.”

And so daily, for now at least 1262 days, I have cast a note in a bottle out into the wave tossed sea. You found this one and as always I hope it was guided to the right person or persons at just the right time to be just the encouraging word that you or they might need. I always strive to string words together so that one central theme is always clear – “You are holy, you are whole and you are above all else loved and never alone.” I will see you later, if not before, when we from all our travels arrive safely Home. If this note has touched you pass it on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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