2018 Is Almost Done

Blog 1221 – 12.30.2018

2018 Is Almost Done

Today could be called New Years Eve Eve, the next to the last day of 2018. So many I have known and loved have not made it to this day and yet many others have come along to join us on this journey. One goes out and one comes in as says a song my beloved daughter Em sent me before she too took an early exit. She is still with me as are all who have touched my life and helped me to be a better lover, a better friend, a better me, a better we.

Soon, in less that forty-eight hours, 2018 will be filed away in memory and this part of our adventure will be relegated to history. I recently watched the last two episodes of NBC’s time travel series Timeless. For three seasons I watched the intrepid crew of the Lifeboat try to keep the “bad guys” one in particular from changing history too much. Turns out the “bad guy” was actually the best, most heroic, good guy of all and without him things would have turned out so much worse. How often our perspective gets the true identity of ourself and others so wrong. To judge by outward appearances is fraught with misidentification and misunderstanding.

I believe there is a “good guy” in everyone of us just looking for an opportunity to rise to the occasion and be the hero of the story – ladies too. I never cared for the heroine monicker, it just sounds dopey. Women to me are often the biggest best heroes of all down through history even if the little guys’ with the biggest egos end up taking most of the credit.

Abraham Lincoln arguably one of the best of our U.S. Presidents is reported to have said of his beloved mother, “All that I am I owe to my sainted mother.” Many of us could say the same of a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a girl cousin, or an aunt. As John Mayer’s song, Fathers Be Good To You Daughters, says so well:

“Boys, you can break

You’ll find out how much they can take

Boys will be strong

And boys soldier on

But boys would be gone without warmth from

A woman’s good, good heart.”


Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters

All too soon 2018 will be gone but I cannot let it go without saluting all the wonderful, kind, caring, and loving women in my life – brave and strong from my dearly departed mother, Alene Florence Davidson White, my dear departed daughter, Emily Elaine White, to my dear and very much alive and loving wife, Linda Lee Stokes White and all the other kind and sweethearts who have helped me to be I hope a better man.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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