Count All Our Successes

Blog 1129 – 09.29.2018

Count All Our Successes

Today’s theme picture is a funny one that I received just yesterday in an email from a dear friend. I get the joke but in keeping with my slightly skewed view of things I ask you to consider that we should count all of our successes not just the seemingly big, impressive, important ones. I happen to enjoy putting puzzles together and little to me is more thrilling or rewarding than after an especially difficult, tedious, and time consuming one – putting in that final piece to complete the puzzle picture.

One of my most favorite recent Ben Affleck movies, The Accountant, has a scene early in the movie where the character he plays, an extremely intelligent but emotionally challenged man who even as a young boy had a real problem when he could not finish something. In the scene he as a young teen is loosing it over not being able to find the last piece to a large jigsaw puzzle that he has almost completed upside down on a glass coffee table of Mohamed Ali winning a championship boxing match with gloves raised. The boy is oblivious to the picture he completed all but the one missing piece by shapes alone – a phenomenal feat. A challenged young girl brings him the missing piece that she found on the floor and smiles making a lifelong emotional connection between the two of them. I highly recommend the movie and putting puzzles together if you have not tried either but even more than that that we count all our successes, even the seeming small ones for who knows what importance even one success might mean in the larger scheme of things.

We have a tendency or at least Ego, our true arch enemy, would have us believe that it is natural to focus on our failures, our defeats. It is not, as children we are much more inclined to discount those small set backs as insignificant and keep on trying till we win. There are, my friends, really only two options in life – to win some or to learn some. Mistakes, failures, seeming defeats are only trial runs for the mastery. We are the captains of our fate the masters of all we attempt so long as we keep trying till we get it. Or as the Bible says, and I elaborate for a deeper understanding, I think. “I can do all things according the the Christ Principle at work in me.” The word Christ means “the anointed.” We are all kings and priests by virtue not of sacrifice or substitute as is commonly preached but by virtue of Who and Whose we are and have always been, children of the King and joint heirs with Jesus our also anointed brother. If you are by that puzzled at all, just remember that you and I as he are an important critical piece like the last piece to complete the puzzle.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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