Little Acts Of Heroism

Blog 1114 – 09.14.2018

Little Acts Of Heroism

One of my all time favorite movies is Sandra Bullock’s, While You Were Sleeping. In the movie she plays a single transit booth worker in Chicago who has a crush on a handsome young businessman, Peter Gallagher, from whom she takes a token each morning as he board the elevated train to work each day. Because she has no family left her boss asks her to work Christmas Day even though she worked Thanksgiving because all the other available employees himself included want to spend Christmas Day with their families. He says he knows that it is it fair but “Lucy, you’re the only one without family.” So she is in her booth on Christmas morning and Peter wishes her a Merry Christmas and she is so tongue tied at his sudden remark that she muffs her chance to say something memorable back to him. As she watches him walk to the train platform two teenaged boys start harassing him and he ends up being shoved onto the track below. Lucy runs out of her booth and jumps on the tracks. He comes to but a moment and she is forced to hug his body and roll the both of them off the track and out of the way of the express train rushing toward the platform. So she saves his life.

She follows him to the hospital and because she does know his name and is not family the staff will not let her visit him in I C U where he is in a coma. Because a nurse overhears Lucy saying to her self “I’m going to marry that guy some day” she tells the policeman on staff that Lucy is his fiancée and she is allowed to sit by his bed and the nurse encourages her, “Talk to him, Honey, maybe he will hear you and will wake up.” About that time Peter’s boisterous family shows up, Dad, Mom, Sister, Grandma, and even Saul their neighbor and Peter’s godfather. Only his brother Jack is not there at that time. When the nurse mistakenly tells them Lucy is Peter’s fiancée it is all news to them but when they learn she jumped on the tracks and saved his life they all hug her and in her own words she has not had that for such a long time. And she is so happy to have family at Christmas she just cannot tell them the truth, that Peter is her fiancée only in her dreams.

While You Were Sleeping is a wonderful romantic comedy and I recommend it highly having watched it many times, bought and given away many copies, always keeping one handy to watch again and again. When Peter comes out of the coma and learns he is engaged to Lucy the fun really starts. There is a line in the movie where Peter says to Lucy that he has not done one truly heroic act in his life. And she says that he gives up his seat every day on the train and he replies well that isn’t heroic to which she counters that it is to the one getting the seat. Life is full of many opportunities for us to commit small acts of heroism. We can all be somebodies hero and are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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