Who Or What Turns You On?

Blog 1112 – 09.12.2018

Who Or What Turns You On?

I love Norah Jones voice and wanted do this Mockingbird Song with her as I have several others.


You Turn Me On

My daughter Emily who was a much better musician, singer, and songwriter than I am first introduced me to Norah Jones music several years before she left this stage to perform elsewhere. Emily’s songs still echo in my heart as does all the music she loved and left behind.

Who or what turns you on? I am of a mind that no one or thing can flick that switch better than the One who was meant to do that job. I have written several times of a silver heart-shaped talisman that I carry in my pocket to remind me of Who and Whose I am. On one side deeply engraved is: “I am Holy, I am Whole.” and on the other side: “Thank you for this day, Spirit.” Even perhaps a more accurate picture of the Supreme Deity than the words God or Love is Our Higher Self. We are tempted in the physical world to think of ourself as our name or our body but we are so much more than that – we are the Spirit that animates, inhabits, moves this body and our world and we brought it all into being. We are the one who turned on the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Some years ago I wrote to my beloved cousin Glenn on his birthday that I always thought he hung the moon and that he did a pretty fine job. I was so pleased with that line that I have used it with others and believe it equally true of myself. The Bible speaks of us individually and collectively as One, says God is One, and that we are co-creators with Her/Him. Who turns you on? You do. And man oh woman you really shine.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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