Feeling That Upward Tug

Blog 1110 – 09.10.2018

Feeling That Upward Tug

I remember the first time as a boy that I felt the thrilling upward tug of a kite string, a kite high in the sky at the end of that string, so high you could barely see it. Some years ago I fell in love with this Sinatra song especially the opening lines:

“I’ve got the world an a string

Sitting on a rainbow

Got the world around my finger

What a life, what a world,

I’m in love.”


I’ve Got The World On A String

Some years ago I made the startling discovery that I should and could fall in love with me. That has always been that gentle upward tug that I first felt as a child. That tug from my higher self at my heart string to be, to see, the bigger better me, so my heart could be free to love the way I believe we were all meant to love – No Strings Attached.

Who is pulling your strings? To whom have you yielded that power? It is meant to be you. No one else is more capable or more deserving. When you feel that upward tug remember it is just you reminding you of Who and Whose you really are. I read again recently some words that stirred me the first time I ever read them. They went something like this. “Do you identify yourself as your body? Or have you realized already that you are way more than your name, your body, this adventure. You, all of us, are forever spirits who inhabit these bodies but briefly to live out adventure after adventure. Always, bigger, better, higher more.”

We are that kite at the end of the string, we are the child on the ground thrilled by the upward pull, we are the string, we are everything. Remind you of anyone else you know? When you try to visualize an image of God whose face do you see? When you look in the mirror behind those lovely eyes have you never caught a glimpse of your higher self looking back at you? In a funny movie just yesterday I heard a great line that I have heard before, “There are some things you cannot unsee.”

We have but to see ourselves from both ends of that taut string between to know the truth of the line of another of my favorite love songs:

“To know, know, know you is to love, love, love you, and I do, and I do, and I do.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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