The Path

Blog 1081 – 08.11.2018

The Path

We are fascinated by paths and there are so many in life to choose. Many great religions have called themselves, “The Way” (The Path), Christianity and Taoism being but two of them. They all in my estimation make the same error when they believe that their particular take or path is the only true one that leads to heaven, to home, and to God.

As a boy and a young Superman and Lone Ranger TV shows fan I recall that both of my TV heroes had a wider world view. Superman’s view was from high in the sky where he was forever flying to the aid of others and to to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. Our understanding of those three great truths cannot help but be a bit jaded as we learn that too often the people who have lead us are not supper heroes but greedy, self serving, to the exclusion of others, and that too often they have used religion as just a ploy to greater monetary profits enjoy. I fondly recall one of the, to me then and even now, wises lines that the TV Lone Ranger ever uttered. He said describing the meeting of two faiths in his western world, “There are many roads that lead to God.”

When the Roman Empire was at it’s zenith there was a saying that all roads lead to Rome. But I think it is far truer that all roads, all paths lead home, and that no matter which path you take you will always find yourself and I mean your highest, best self waiting for your at the end of the trail. All the more reason with the masked western hero to yell, “High Ho, Silver, and away.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

See you along the path or when we all get home,

David White

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