Stairway To Heaven

Blog 1076 – 08.06.2018

Stairway To Heaven

“We are climbing the stairway to heaven,” the song says, but I believe another song says the truth even better, “I’m Already There.” I have written more that one blog where I refer to one of the first rounds that I ever learned as a boy, “Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” If indeed this is your dream, my dream, we owe it to ourselves and to each other to make it a sweet one.

I’m Already There

I know, that many faiths teach that this life is a sort of probation period where we learn or prove to ourselves and everyone where we deserve to spend all eternity but I think that there is something way more marvelous afoot here. I think we are here to act out the dreams of the Divine One and that we are encouraged to be and to do whatever our hearts desire – to experience life abundantly and in all its fullness.

There are many fascinating stories in the Bible, one in particular in the Old Testament is about a man named Jacob. Jacob or James in the Greek means supplanter or liar. Jacob who would later get his name changed to Israel was a liar but then haven’t we all at one time or another twisted the truth to our own ends or thinking we might spare someone else’s feelings? Jacob schemed with his mom, being his dad’s second son though from his favorite wife. Together he and his mom concocted a plan to cheat his older brother out of his rights as first born son even to the stealing of dad’s best blessing to the first born. Jacob first tricked his brother into signing over his birthright for a meal and then with his mom’s help disguised himself well enough to fool his blind father into thinking he was his brother so he could get the first born son’s blessing.

After he had pulled off his subterfuge he got out of town quick to avoid his father’s disappointment in him and his bigger, stronger, older brother’s wrath. He went to another part of the country to live and work for his mother’s brother. While on the way he slept over night under the stars, a stone for his pillow, and had a dream. In the dream he saw angels descending and ascending a ladder, a stairway, to heaven. After the experience he set up a stone memorial at that spot and called it Bethel, the house of God. But there was more to that night’s adventure. Jacob latched on to one of those angels, wrestling with it, saying, “I will not let you go till you bless me.” To end the tussle and also to prove that angels can easily whip men, the angel but touched Jacob’s thigh and the fight was over. But the angel of God did bless him, and later at the end of Jacob’s life God changed his name from Jacob, “liar” to Israel, “may God prevail.”

God always does prevail but in Her/Him so do we. And we don’t have to wrestle, lie, or scheme to get a blessing, nor even climb a ladder or stairway to get to heaven, or God’s house, for we are already there and we are God’s house. All those fine stone edifices with the steeples, domes, and statues they are at best memorials of love and adoration to God, at worst they are a tremendous waste of real-estate and resources and often do more to separate us than to unite us.

Elsewhere the Bible has God saying, “I do not live in temples made with hands but temples of flesh.” In one of my favorite movies, Dogma, God goes on vacation to play ski-ball in Jersey. Surprised that God likes ski-ball? Why wouldn’t She, it is great fun and all those cool prizes with the tickets you win? And it supports my assumption that God is all about experiencing everything through us. Relax, you and I are God on vacation, having another wonderful adventure in a heaven of our own making, life is but a dream, make yours a sweet one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Intending for myself and each of you, Sweet Dreams,

And if you are not there already hoping you are soon,

David White

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