What It Takes To Make A Super Man, A Superior Woman

Blog 1074 – 08.04.2018

What It Takes To Make A Super Man, A Superior Woman

I heard a story about a young granddaughter taking care of her elderly incontinent grandmother who also suffers from dementia. Grandma had an accident and granddaughter said that she almost threw up three times cleaning grandma from stem to stern and she used even more descriptive words for the personal places she had to clean. The girl’s dad, though had to put a clothes pin on his nose and he only had to carry out the bags of soiled paper towels. When the young girl’s mom returned later the teenaged girl recounted to her the story with the comment, “Why are men such wussies?”

If you are expecting me to disagree, Fellows, with the young girl’s premise for her question, I will not, I but will try to answer her question nevertheless. I happen to believe that it is we the males who are truly the weaker sex. Boy babies are weaker than females as shown by their survival rates. Then those of us who do survive are propped up, coddled by doted on and historically have been given preferential treatment – spoiled is the word, waited on. That, young lady, is why most men act like weak stomached pussies and I use the term in it’s lowest, least sense instead of the Betty White highest, toughest sense. The full quote for those of you who never heard it goes something like this: “People always saying, ‘Grow a pair of balls’ why I do not know. Balls are weak and vulnerable. They ought to say grow a vagina ‘cause those things can really take a pounding.”

My title today says it all. Mommies, wives, daughters, all women if you are looking for a Super Man, don’t expect the Marine Corp to make you one, as Mae West did when she heard that the Marine Corp builds men, and asked that they build one for her. The Marine Corp does not nor any branch of the military make Super Men. They just build marines and warriors. If you want a Super Man you will have to be a Superior Woman, and each and everyone of you are, so grow your own Super Men, from babies teach them to carry their own weight and be strong and kind enough to take care of others too. We have so long been spoiled brats some of us are beyond re-education. Better start working with us young. With your help only can we all become Super men.

Even Clark Kent could never have become a Super Man without at least three superior women in his life, two wonderful moms and the lovely and daring reporter for the Daily Planet Lois Lane.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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