Magnetic Personalities

Blog 1058 – 07.19.2018

Magnetic Personalities

Why are we drawn to some people, places, or things more than others? I think there are a couple of reasons, at least, in play. First we are drawn because of a perceived lack in our selves and secondly because opposites and in our case also likes attract.

I said “perceived” lack because I have come to believe that we are all holy and whole. We cannot be otherwise as we are created from and a part of the Holy One, the Whole One, the Universe. As extensions of the Author we are, believe it or not, wholly and holy made up of the same stuff – love and light.

But back to attraction. I believe we are drawn to certain things that reflect back to us most clearly what we need to see in ourselves. And, no, it is not our weaknesses, frailties, and short comings but our highest and best selves. My one sixty three campaign is nothing more or less that my desire to “admire” to “mirror” the highest and best that I see in you, in myself, and in the Universe wide.

We all, I believe, have magnetic personalities and draw to ourselves the particular people, places, and things that we need, when we need them, at just the right time, and it just the right way. It is a practiced art to see beyond the tragedy, the interruption, the expense to the present, the gift, that comes to us with each new day. I challenge everyone of you as I challenge myself to cease seeing the bad in happenstance but the great goodness, the love, and the light that is drawn to us each day like love notes from the Universe. We have only to change our attitude from negative to positive to see that all we attract is exactly what we need to reveal Who and Whose we truly are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Mirroring the highest and the best back at ya, Babe,

And drawing to myself all my wonderful family around the globe,

David White

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