Sound Scapes And Fire Flies

Blog 1016 – 06.07.2018

Sound Scapes And Fire Flies

A couple of days ago I hear a wonderful piece on Public Radio having to do with ongoing efforts to protect the “sound scapes” of U.S. National Parks. In the broadcast a noted university professor and environmentalist talked about how since the invention of the combustion engine the level of man made noise has gone up most everywhere so much so that even in many places where there is still an abundance of wild life the critters have gone quiet, birds and insects have stopped their singing. And again just this morning there was a wonderful piece on the world news about how many areas that once knew the magic of fire flies on summer evenings have so much light pollution now that the fire flies have gone.

I am no Luddite nor am I Amish wishing to live in a pre-industrial world without modern conveniences but often I think we have perhaps traded away our birth right for some of the things we call progress. Modern history is littered as is much of our once pristine planet with the results of high profit so called progress.

I have for these past two years been on work assignment in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it must have been under the indigenous people’s guardianship before the European refugees who in many cases by their own countries were considered refuse arrived here, before the fur trappers, before the lumbermen, before the the miners, before the dairymen especially the factory dairy farms with their huge herds and mountains of manure to contend with. And it remains to be seen what the Foxcon’s will leave in their wake with their flat screen production demands of millions of gallons of fresh water per day.

Will we look back on this decade and number along with the missing magical fireflies, and sweet bird and insect song, the day also that we sold another chunk of our birthright, the last great reserves of fresh water, and ever after refer to these glacial marvels as “The Once Great Lakes?” The choice is ours unless we sell it to the highest bidder.

Those of us who often walk in nature marvel that one has only to stop, be still and listen, to hear creation speak. Reminds me of a favorite verse, “Be still and know that I am God.” Maybe that is why we fill our lives with so much noise for fear we will hear the God of Nature crying, “Quit making so much noise and turn out that light so you can hear me and see my night time wonders before your ears and eyes become completely deaf and blind to me and I am heard and seen by you no more.”

Starry, Starry Night (Vincent)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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