Keep On Dancing

Blog 1004 – 05.25.2018

Keep On Dancing

Having arguably “misspent” my youth and young adulthood in a narrow religious sect I never learned how to drink, smoke, or dance. Even after freeing myself from that tiny little box I have yet to and most likely never will smoke. I do however still find it incredibly sexy, women smoking, and certain cigars and pipe smokes are aromatically tempting? I do have an occasional alcoholic drink just to remind myself to stay out of religious and all narrow and unloving boxes. I suppose I must admit that I am grateful that I never developed either the addiction nor the habit of smoking and drinking but I do feel a bit cheated out of all those marvelous dancing experiences I might otherwise have had. As I have written previously I did let my brother’s girl friend teach me a few steps, enough to waltz my date, who later became my first wife, around the floor at my senior prom.

In junior high I did attend one sock hop but only to perform a skit at the direction of my Art and Drama Teacher, my hero then and now, Don Crane.

The only thing in my man’s mind more lovely that watching a pretty woman dance is holding on to one while she is doing it. And it is no handicap, not knowing how to dance, for women most or at least many of them so love to dance that they will patiently teach you just to have a man to dance with. So guys, “next time you have the chance – dance” or “get up on the floor and boogie, boogie, boogie till you just can’t boogie no more.” The ladies will love you for it and believe me if that is not reason enough, and it is, you will have a lot of fun too.

For you Bible fans there is an interesting story in the Old Testament where King David was so moved by the LORD in private that he dance naked before his God. David’s first wife (Several of us David’s then an now have had several wives) laughed at him and made fun of him (Yes, some of us David’s are amusing dancers too) anyway in so many words he told her “Shut your mouth, I wasn’t dancing for you.” “Shut Your mouth” are words a man should never say to any woman for a number of reasons, one which comes immediately to mind.

Back to dancing, the great dancer, Fred Astaire, said that dancing is making love vertically. All the more reason everyone ought to be taught to dance and encouraged to develop and practice those moves throughout their lives if we ever expect to continue the race. (Human it is, the only one, and dancing keeps you healthy enough to keep running in it.) Anyone or group who denies that is just kidding themselves and cheating themselves and others out of one of the great pleasures of life. Thank goodness that most of the thought to be “simple folk” refuse to let grow religious sects that teach that particular “No, no.”

Keep on dancing like today’s picture of Frosty, Turkey Trot, and The Hula Girls and be thankful you still Can Can (A Salute to Paree’s Pretty Dancers)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

(Click the forward arrow below to see them dance)

And there will be singing and dancing wherever he goes.

One thought on “Keep On Dancing

  1. I like the way you mix bio with topical, neat way to go. I got out just after yr 10, but on the sly, then at 18 it was for real. Still can’t properly dance. Great post.


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