The Greatest Show

Blog 992 – 05.12.2018

The Greatest Show

“It’s fire it’s freedom it’s

Flooding open

It’s the preacher in the pulpit

And your blind devotion

Breakin’ at the brick

Of every wall that’s holdin’

All that you know

So tell me do you wanna go?

Where it’s covered in all the

Colored lights

Where the runaways are

Runnin’ the night

Impossible comes true

It’s takin’ over you.”

When I was a boy it was a dream of many, running away to join the circus. Ringling Brothers Circus (Once Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus) did their last show last year. All that is left is their museum in their once winter quarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin, that and so many memories and the legend of their founder that is revived in the move, The Greatest Showman, and in this song, The Greatest Show, in particular. I have enjoyed a week of sharing Mockingbird songs and blogs inspired by the movie. I hope many of you have too.

Long before all the large amusement parks like Disney Land, Disney World, Six Flags and so many when The Circus came to town it was the high point not just for children but parents and grandparents too. It was a family tradition. My Uncle Joe was a Shriner and for several years gave me and my struggling little family free tickets to the Shrine Circus performances in Houston, Texas. Later with a little more income coming in I got to take my daughter Emily and son Jay to see the Ringling Brothers Circus when it toured through Houston.

I suppose that the circus, like so many great thrills of the past, it’s time has come and gone but still it lives on in our imagination and speaks to us to recognize in fun, adventure, bright lights and dazzling performances that life is more than rigid rules, laws, and commandments, more than work and accomplishments. Life is meant to be fun and we must if we expect to feel the true abundance of life leave room for play and in our own way “run away and off with the circus – the greatest show.” I had intended to try to do “The Greatest Show” song from the movie, The Greatest Showman, to go with this piece, my final in a week long salute to the movie. But instead I repeat my first Mockingbird Song from the movie, “Never Enough.”

There is always more, out there beyond the horizon, there’s more, there’s more.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Circus Boy,

David White

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