Blog 989 – 05.09.2018


“Hand in my hand

And we promise to never let go

We’re walk-in’ a tightrope

High in the sky

We can see the whole world down below

We’re walkin’ a tightrope

Never sure, never know how far we

Could fall

But it’s all an adventure

That comes with a breathtakin’ view

Walk-in’ a tightrope

With you-oo-oo-oo-oo

With you-oo-oo-oo-oo

With you.


That quote is from my fourth Mockingbird song copied from the wonderful movie, The Greatest Showman. Do see and hear it for yourself. And now a few words about walking the tightrope in the grandest style.

Most of us Westerners have bought into the idea of Dualism, that the Universe is bi-polar consisting of light vs. dark, good vs. bad, positive vs. negative, male vs. female. But it is not true for God, the Universe, including me and you, are One and the same.

I love this song about the Tightrope and I know it is about a woman loving a man and sharing a wondrous and exciting, if at times a bit scary, life and love adventure with him. But I ask you to consider the higher meaning of the wonderful adventure that we are meant to have with our higher self. We are I believe quite self-sufficient and self-contained, with love enough to share with others and the whole world. But we do that best and fullest when we develop to its fullest the highest, best relationship of all, our internal, eternal one.

Another wonderful movie that came out last year and that I have not mentioned lately, is The Shack. In that movie Papa, God the main character, says that the whole reason for the trinity, God the Parent, God the Child, and God the Spirit, is because love can only live in relationship. But we, individually (And, I suppose, also collectively) are the Parent, The Child, and the Spirit.

As I was thinking about this song, this piece and the title of both, “Tightrope”, I remembered a TV drama from my early boyhood called Tightrope.

In the show Mike Connors plays an undercover agent investigating organized crime. He would later be more famous for his longer running series that he also starred in called Manix. In Tightrope his gimmick was that he worn his snub-nosed thirty-eight in the small of his back in a holster on his belt. It was seldom if ever discovered by the mob-boss body guards who patted him down. They must have watched Tightrope and Have Gun Will Travel too because later heroes never got away with guns hid behind their backs or little derringers tucked behind their belt buckles. Mike’s Tightrope was an adventure but nothing like the high tension, high joy, high drama act that our higher self has planned for us if we have the courage to go along.

I hope you enjoy the blog and enjoy the song but mostly I hope you enjoy walking the tightrope that as the song says comes with a breathtaking view – walking the tight rope, you two.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Enjoying the breath-taking view,

David White

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