I Sing My Songs For Free

Blog 938 – 03.20.2018

I Sing My Songs For Free

I love and long have Glen Campbell’s song, “Country Boy” which I offer a link to my Mockingbird version of here:


Thank you for listening and reading. Some might think that I under value my words and songs because I offer them for free but I do not. Though I perhaps once dreamed of making my living speaking, singing, and writing, I no longer do. The gifts that I have freely received, I always intend to freely give. And I believe the Universe will supply my support amply and lavishly as it always has in many other ways.

I say it often and it is my most sincere belief:

“I am grateful that everything I could ever want or need is already mine, coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

I have not always believed that and perhaps you do not believe it now. Some people say, “I will believe it when I see it.” But I have come to believe that it is more accurate to say, “I see it because I believe it.” Some see a world of plenty and possibilities others a world of lack and disappointments. For a number of years now since I rejected most everything I was taught to believe and admitted to myself that it was no longer working for me I came back to a higher and I think better belief, at least it is for me, that we create the world around us by our thoughts (beliefs) and bring it into being by our words as the God of Genesis did. If you say it is a hard, cruel world of misery and pain the Universe says, “Let it be.” And if you say it is a wonderful world of love and adventure, the Universe says, “Be it unto you even according to your words.”

What are our words, but representations of our thoughts? I would ever speak, write and sing words of encouragement and for free because I cannot get my head and heart around putting a price on the priceless. The “businessman” believes whatever he puts out there must bring a profit. But lovers know that all you ever get to keep is what you give away for it comes back to you ten times ten fold. Glen sings, “I remember the time when I sang my songs for free.” His meaning, I think, is that singing freely was the best time in his life. I have heard the expression as you probably have, “It doesn’t get any better than this” or “You cannot improve upon perfection.” No task is sweeter than a task you love to do and no pay check can take the place of giving the best you have got even if no one realizes it or recognizes it at the time. To paraphrase another great saying, May the words I speak, write, or sing be acceptable in my sight.”

I always intend that my thoughts, my words, my songs are an encouragement first to myself but also to you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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