A Wonderful Mess

Blog 907 – 02.17.2018

A Wonderful Mess

Papa she says, “Yes, everyone, everything, all is and are a wonderful mess in-process.” If you have not yet read “The Shack” or seen the movie, I encourage you to do both. In the story there is an incredibly beautiful garden that up close looks like a terrible mess but from above is an intricate gorgeous maze of colors and a variety of living things. We, everyone of us is like that – a wonderful mess in-process.

Do Not Excuse, Appreciate The Mess

Yesterday I wrote of clutter, hoarders

Today I’ll take the opposite view, side

Sometimes too much order is a disorder

When done not for art or fun but pride.

I love the little saying, “God Bless This Mess”

It’s me they’re speaking of I must confess

And yet I know I am so much better than that

And you when we put on our thinking hat.

We can make gardens out of weeds

Fulfillment, out of perceived needs

Where once fear, hurt, anger breeds

Can flourish, bloom loving happy seeds.

So don’t excuse, appreciate this mess

For everything you or I love and bless

Becomes the garden of our own soul

Life is beautiful when taken in whole.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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