When You’re Smiling…

Blog 900 – 02.10.2018

When You’re Smiling…

I think it more than appropriate that Blog Number 900 should announce that in addition to this daily blog called http://www.theencouragingword.co and my Daily Mockingbird Song email that I am beginning wider distribution of another separate and quite erotic daily email called my FMD List and that it is as I told a friend, “ Often XXX rated and not for the faint of heart nor children and you might actually want to ask your doctor if it is safe for you to subscribe. Free of charge, on a daily basis you will receive a daily original poem or poems (Art work optional) that will warm your heart and nether regions. As with subscribing to either of my other daily publications if you are not completely satisfied just say, type, or write the word “unsubscribe” and you will receive it no more and I will not think less of you for it and hope you will not of me. You must subscribe to even find out what FMD means. And please kids do not subscribe till you have reached your eighteenth birthday. Dave does not want to contribute to the delinquency of minors nor does he wish to go to jail, though I might have a lot more free time to write and could give up my day job.

Food For Thought Or Something For The Spank Bank

Many of us, perhaps a bit less appealing

If we were even much when we were young

Desire worship like gods and goddesses

Sex like butter never melting on our tongue.

But all of us no matter our age,

Our shape, weight, or our form

Still have fantasies that free us,

Fulfill us, and keep us warm.

The safest sex is, yes, still solo

Relationships demanding at best

Often seem hardly worth the trouble

The heartache, the time, the mess.

Once I briefly had a supervisor

Asked why I was always smiling

My quick reply surprised the guy

Who thought it comedic styling.

What I said to him was true

But came out a shocking shot

Smiling my best, biggest smile

“Well, I do masturbate a lot.”

For a daily dose of Dave’s erotic poetry, (say no visuals if you prefer your poetry without erotic art) just email your email address with “Subscribe” to dwhite6359@gmail.com

I sure hope my cell has a window on the world.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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