Thank You For The Gift, The Present

Blog 895 – 02.05.2018

Thank You For The Gift, The Present

The present being a gift is a familiar quote attributed to many and a particular favorite theme of mine but I would like to put it in a poem today for you. I have mentioned that a friend shared a CD by Collin Raye with me that she thought that I would like. She was right, I did and do. One of the several songs on it that I plan to record myself and send out on my Daily Mockingbird Song email is a song we mostly hear at Christmas time but it is so lovely that I share it here before writing a poem to say my own Thank You For The Gift:

Thank You For The Gift

The greatest gift we can give to others

Is to hold the light, and the mirror high

In all the world the greatest of lovers

Know beauty is in the beloved’s eye.

It is only and then when we truly love

That beauty’s true secrets are unfurled

It was we, the One the only God, He/She,

Who magically created this wonderful world.

For this most magical of all moments

Though it seem things are in the tanks

We bow our heads and reverently whisper

For this wondrous gift we say, “Thanks.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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