Life’s Two Biggest Questions: Who I Am And What I Want?

Blog 874 – 01.14.2018

Life’s Two Biggest Questions: Who Am I And What Do I Want?

I have tried now in over eight hundred and seventy blogs to help you to answer the first question. Sometimes subtly and sometimes not so subtly. You see, I figured out the answer to that question for myself before I ever started and figured it was sort of my duty as a fellow traveler and brother in the highest best sense of the word to try to share that encouraging information with you. I began my blog almost two years ago and have been faithful to put it out there for any one to read it or heed it, but then that is their choice. The Universe nor I would have it any other way.

I had an inkling when I began this blog what the answer to the second question was for me but even so sharing from my heart with you has helped me to refine the answer:

I want to speak.

I want to write.

I want to sing.

I want to write songs.

I want to teach.

Except for possibly the fourth thing on the list I am already doing all of those things. And I have written a lot of rhyming poetry that could easily be set to music. I cannot answer the second question for you, only for myself. But in case you missed the answer to the first question in the first eight hundred and seventy or so blogs and do not yet know who you are – You are indeed The God Of Your World and therefore you can be or do anything that you want to be or do. That choice too is all up to you.

So then the next big question to answer for yourself is, “What do I really want?”

Often we think we know what we want:

To win the lottery.

To land a high paying job.

To be debt free.

To look good naked.

To be with someone we really love who loves us.

We may think we would be happy with lots of expensive toys. But like little children who get all the expensive toys that they wanted on Xmas morning we would be just as bored with them by Xmas evening. And for those of you who have been taught that using X instead of Christ in Christmas is leaving Christ out of Christmas, X has been a widely used and recognized abbreviation for Christ which is just another word for “Annointed” since Roman Times, so please celebrate “Annointedmas” in your own way and let others celebrate or not Xmas in their own.

Back on point, it is said that ninety percent of those who win big in the lottery and do not have a clear plan ahead of time about how they would like to invest those winnings in something they really want to do or to have are back at their original economic level within two years. Some even say after winning the lottery when asked, “Do you really think winning the lottery will make you happy?” that they would rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable. That only shows that they do not have a clue as to what they really want, only that they are not all that concerned about being happy.

Oh, and I forgot to add to the top of the first list what I discovered that I wanted most of all when I figured out who I really am and what I still do:

I want to be happy.

And by God (me) I am and I mean to stay that way because I know that happiness like everything on the list it is mine just for the asking or really just for the thinking. Free your mind, the rest will follow when you first figure out Who you are and What you want.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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