My First Walk With Emily

Blog 680 – 07.01.2017
(Excerpt from the book Emily – The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along)
Episode 1

My first date with my daughter was at her arrival at Spring Branch Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas on July 15, 1980. We had had a false alarm the night before and rushed to hospital only to hear the words, “Not yet.” So when Sandra woke me early saying we needed to go to the hospital she was so calm I took my time and then she hurried me up. I did not realize that she had been awake awhile and was waiting till her contractions were closer before waking me.

When we got to the hospital they rushed Sandra into the delivery room and the doctor arrived right away.  I had gowned up and was washing my hands when the nurse said, “Mr. White, you had better hurry or you’re going to miss the whole thing.” Moments after I rushed into the delivery room Emily made her appearance. The doctor laid her in her mother’s arms for a moment, cut the chord, then handed her to a nurse who cleaned her up, put a little hat on her, wrapped her in a warm blanket and then walked with her in her arms toward me. The nurse said, “Mr. White, it’s time for you to take your daughter for her first walk.” And she pointed down the hall to the nursery.

I don’t think my feet touched the ground as I took that first walk with that most precious bundle in my arms. I remember she latched on to my finger with her tiny hand and she had me from that moment utterly and completely under her spell. I glimpsed the Goddess and I will never be the same.

I wrote a poem for Emily’s Little Book about the first walk I ever took with my little girl that was lost with the little book. By the way, should this book become widely read as I hope it will and someone reading knows what happened to the little book please let me know at or 713-855-0290. I intend to always be reachable and available.

When my baby girl first latched on to my finger and my heart with her tiny hand she opened me up as I never dreamed possible. Most of us are so fearful about being open because we have felt hurt and think we must not put ourselves out there and become a target. It is impossible to receive without being open and impossible to give. Without that flow in and out there is no abundant life.

Thank you, my Darling Girl, for using your key to unlock this Daddy’s heart. And all the other hearts you helped unlock and continue to thank you too. The Friends of Emily Fan Club continues to grow. This book goes out to one and all with the hope of increasing those ranks. Emily is one of the most encouraging words I know and I hope many come to think so too.

Your Fellow Traveler and Emily’s Dad,
David White

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