Listen, Let’s Get To Work

Blog 1663 – 04.11.2020

Listen, Let’s Get To Work

First an original poem by one of my favorite rhyming poets, me.

The Germans & The French

The French have reputation for living free
While Germans, are known for efficiency
We can indeed be both of them, you & me
Live at the same time, free and efficiently.

Ego has always a different plan for us
One way, our way & all others mistrust
“Never more” Poe’s raven doth quothe
Seldom is it either/or, more often, both.

Hail to the Germans and Vive la French
To all, even Brits & Americans in a pinch
More than one way to skin a cat, a cinch
To work like Germans & love like French.

My earliest creative writing, much of it, was rhyme. I still love to express my thoughts in rhymes, many of which I hope will one day be set to music so that many more will come to know them. Whether I live to see it or not, and I plan to as Mister Spock says, “Live long and Prosper,” I give each rhyme the attention that I think it deserves. I do that with each of my blogs, Mockingbird Songs, and Children’s books readings too, and I hope it shows.

A couple of days ago, I signed up for a year of magazines that purport to show one how to make a living writing. I took a correspondent course some years ago on writing books for children and have invested in many books and read them hoping they would help me be a better writer. I am reminded of an error interpreting words to say what we want them to mean instead of honestly what they say that I caught in Bible College years ago. The founder of the college and the professors, many of them, justified the college and their positions with a Bible verse that read in the King James Bible:

The word “study” in this context is more correctly interpreted “Be diligent” or “Work hard” as it reads in more modern translations. No one really needs a teacher or professor to work or to rightly divide the truth of words, only a working honest heart and mind.

I expect most if not all courses, books, and magazines about learning to make a living writing are more about the people who put them out making a living than any who wish to be paid writers. We only graduate from being students when we become doers more and students less. As important as practice may be to a good performance the best and most improved work comes not from practicing but from performing. The old adage that we best learn by doing has been proven true many times over.

They say, you know you have found your true calling when you would be willing to work at other things just to get to do it even part time. Do they really say that? Perhaps not, at least not those who have found an angle to get you to pay them thinking they have a secret to make you rich doing what pleases you when actually their not so secret is to get richer themselves off you. But then we don’t need a teacher, professor, or Crazy Dave, to teach us that, just a discerning and honest heart and mind which each of us was born with. Pay attention to them. No one can use or confuse us unless we let them, for long at least. A truth has a ring to it and a lie a different and easy to tell different one.

I leave you this morning with a brief John Wayne cowboy quote, “Listen up, Pilgrim” and one from my beloved father Wallace, who left us for more important work a year ago next Wednesday, “Let’s get to work.”

Your friend and fellow traveler – Listener – ready to get back to work doing my day job so I can keep at my calling to be a writer. Dave, you really do need to work on those redundant and wordy titles and ending salutations. I’ll think about it.🤔
David White

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