But A Few Things To Do

Blog 1611 – 02.16.2020

But A Few Things Yet To Do

On my “Honey, Still To Do List” before a new work assignment arrives for inspection work away and out of state, there are just a few things left to do. I have so enjoyed this the best time of the year in Houston, Texas, the Christmas Holiday through Valentines Day, when it is pleasantly cool and also less humid. I even got to see the last of the old leaves fall and the new bright green ones appear, and the weather this time of the year here is so nice before the heat and oppressive humidity returns. I have gotten to spend a great deal of time outside working in the yard, doing my best to build new flower beds, repair and paint the back yard deck, trim trees, hanging plants, and planting bulbs and rose bushes and grass that will make this place even lovelier for Linda while I am working away.

I will not miss the heat and humidity of Houston but I will miss my Linda and seeing our son Jonathan. This time I got to meet his girl Lauren. I wonder if I will really be able to talk Linda into retiring elsewhere in a few years. She moved here to attend college in 1968 and has stayed but for a few brief visits to see family in South Carolina and visiting me wherever I was working these last eight or so years away on the road. She feels roots here that I never truly did.

I watched the Tom Hanks early movie treasure “Big” again before finishing up in the front yard yesterday. And I was struck by his tender line to his “grown-up” girl friend when he told her that he was just a boy and that he wanted to go home. He said, “I have all these reasons for going home, but just one reason to stay.” She asked, “What is that?” And he replied, “You.” I wonder if all the reasons Linda has to stay in Houston will out weight the one to leave, to be with me. Will that one reason be enough to get her to follow me away from Houston someday. I asked other wives to leave Houston and follow me, one did reluctantly for a bit, another refused to out right, but later came, I think, to wish she had. But that was their decision and we shall see when the time comes what Linda decides. For me there is just too much elsewhere to see and though I still enjoy these too few cool days in Houston I will be glad to be away before the weather outside gets sweltering. Most of the year here staying inside with the AC running is less a choice than a necessity. But I do hope Linda will have a lovelier view out the windows due to my efforts these days.

I expect to hear word of my new work assignment and destination in the next week or so. I will let you know. Having spent so many pleasant hours with Linda here this time I expect it will be harder for us both, my leaving. But I will and not just to pay off another bill. A little traveling music, Maestro.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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