The Importance Of Sleep

Blog 1259 – 02.09.2019

The Importance Of Sleep

It is said the three most important ingredients to a healthy and long life are eating right, exercise, and plenty of restful sleep. Young people and older people too eat enough of the right things usually and get some exercise especially most young people but a lot of the people in both of these groups do not choose to get enough restful sleep, myself included. Young people hate to go to bed early, preferring to stay up late for fear they might miss out on something and are unable to sleep late due to school most of the year and annoying parents in the summer time saying, “Are you going to sleep your life away?” Fat chance of that when they’ve only been asleep a few precious hours, late night texting with friends occupying most of the hours their parents were sleeping or heaven only knows what other night time prowling. Ssh, I won’t tell, but your parents most of them did too. That’s how many of you got here to begin with.

But why do older folks who should be a lot wiser fail to sleep at night? Well, for some who do not maintain a proper diet or exercise regimen these could contribute to their sleeplessness but even many older folks who eat right and get plenty of exercise do not feel sleepy at bed time and when they do get to sleep wake up too early. I am an early riser. I do my best thinking and writing early in the morning. Often I am awakened by sweet dreams with sexy rhymes running through my head that I am anxious to put down before they fly away to some forgotten place. Many of my peers are not so lucky. They awake with worries about bills, taxes, insurance payments, house and car repairs, and concerns about their children and grandchildren’s well being. They remind me of my mother and what my dad said about her that if she did not have anything to worry about that she would be worried about that.

My mother suffered with depression and sleeplessness for a large part of her life which she chose to end by her own hand. But before you judge my mother let me just say that if you are not choosing to eat right, get enough exercise, and are not getting a good night’s rest that you too are committing suicide, just a lot slower and probably more painful version of my mother’s exit strategy.

But come on, Crazy Dave, you have teased us long enough. Why can’t I who am no longer a spring chicken, sleep at night? I will tell you, but you may have a hard time hearing or believe it – it is because you have forgotten, if you ever knew, how to truly love yourself. That is why you don’t care if you eat crap (for lack of a better word and I have one but decided to use crap instead), sit way too much of the time, and can’t turn that whirling dervish of a mind off to sleep. Love not only covers a multitude of sins, changes everything, and makes people and things real, it makes it a lot easier to eat right, to get some exercise, and to sleep at night. LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF BABY. And, yes, I was shouting that out to you.

But how do I love myself, you say. It is as easy as Lauren Bacall’s advice to Humphrey Bogart. “You do know how to whistle don’t you? Just pucker up and blow.” Try whistling at that sexy person in the mirror or blowing a few kisses, build up slowly to the “I love you madly(s)” and “I can’t live without you(s). You really should, the rest of us do, and we don’t want to live without you. So stick around and don’t give all your “sweet dreams” away, keep a few for you. For heaven’s sake and your own relax and get plenty of sleep, Baby.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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