I Have Long Wanted To Be A High Plains Cowboy

Blog 1198 – 12.07.2018

I Have Long Wanted To Be A High Plains Cowboy

Three years ago after completing a two year work assignment in Indiana I had a two month early winter gig in Laramie, Wyoming. It was my second work assignment in Wyoming and I loved being back in high plains cowboy country in the winter. Today I will complete my first five days of most likely at a five month, maybe more, work assignment in Colorado mostly east and a little south of Cheyenne, Wyoming. I will be living in Cheyenne in my little house on wheels on the prairie. It is quite a chore skirting the bottom of the trailer and keeping underneath and inside toasty to keep the water from freezing and then having to shower and other things in the shower house at the trailer park from time to time throughout the winter but nothing a true cowboy or cowgirl cannot handle.

I have lived mostly in my RV Camper Trailer for the last six and a half years as long as where I was working had campgrounds where that stayed open passed October. Two states that did not were Wisconsin and Minnesota. Though I was born and raised in Tennessee after I finished my three Army enlistment after high school I traveled to Texas to go to college. Except for a couple of years that I moved back to Tennessee and tried to be a preacher I have spent the largest portion of my life thus far in Texas, definitely cowboy country. But Houston, that I still name as my permanent address, is a little too hot and humid too much of the time for this cowboy. I missed the snow and the cold of winters in Tennessee and the beautiful endings of fall and the long new beginnings of spring in Tennessee. Too many Western movies like High Plains Drifter marked my psyche, too, I guess.

I have seen a lot of places and learned to love and appreciate something about all of them but it is the north western part of these United States that like Lewis and Clarke and the First People who found it long before them fascinates, haunts, and mesmerizes me most. And I am so happy to be here again and hope this ends up being my longest assignment yet or leads to others near by. Reporting in, wearing a cowboy grin, your High Plains Drifter.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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