Some Thoughts On Lighthouses

Blog 1103 – 09.03.2018

Some Thoughts On Lighthouses

As I mentioned in the blog yesterday on our trip up North Shore Drive in Minnesota on Saturday we saw Split Rock Light House. In was built in 1905 after a terrible storm sunk a ship on the rocks there. There had been a number of ships sunk in storms near there so it was decided to request the federal government to appropriate funds to construct a light house and install a fog horn to warn ships off the rocks. Congress voted the sum of $75,000 dollars to do this. That was quite an investment in 1905.

There are many wonderful songs about lighthouses and most of us have at least one favorite. The song, When You Come Back To Me Again, is one of my mine.

When You Come Back To Me Again

Whether you believe God of Jesus is The Lighthouse or attach some other name to that image most of us have an idea of a guiding light that keeps us safe and warns us off from tragedy or destruction. I like to think it is our higher best self providing light and clues along the way. Some think that is just trying to make sense out of the inexplicable. Maybe so, but I have, I think, gone through enough storms and survived them in my life to have come to the sure conclusion that there is more at work here than just the survival of the fittest, or the luck of someone getting a golden ticket. There is Love behind and permeating it all. There is indeed a Lighthouse to guide wayward traveling seafarers to safe harbor.

It was a thrill getting to see Split Rock Lighthouse up close but even a greater one to realize that these symbols in the physical world possibly represent greater, bigger, higher principles in the unseen world. Just a few thoughts today about lighthouses. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to the warning signs and sounds. Be safe.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

See you all when we home to safe harbor,

David White

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