Sometimes The Needle Just Gets Stuck

Blog 1098 – 08.29.2018

Sometimes The Needle Just Gets Stuck

It is an image from a by-gone era, that of a phonograph needle getting stuck and repeating over and over in a continuous loop but a part of a recording. Too often in our lives for countless reasons our needle gets stuck and we cannot seem to get passed or over something or someone. As the great quote in the picture suggests we cannot experience the rest, perhaps best, of our lives if we are stuck re-living the past.

In the wonderful movie, An Unfinished Life, that I refer to often, a dad’s life has been on hold after the death of his young son that he just has been unable to deal with and get over. His life long friend asks him if he is going to continue to let it ruin him, if after losing his wife through in attention, if he is going to allow it to cause him to lose everyone in his life. And he replies, I still have my boy and his memories. Memories even fine ones or tragic sad ones are never meant to be a substitute for continuing real life experiences.

In his big bag of tricks, Ego has many things to trip us up and ruin our lives. Getting us stuck reliving a tiny portion of our lives over and over again is one of his best most effective traps. Stuck in a rut is another way of putting it. When we focus exclusively even on a precious time in our past unless we get stuck we must be careful to hold those memories lightly or we can be trapped for hours, days, even years re-living them over and over again.

Stay engaged in life, meeting new people, seeing new things, experiencing each new day to the fullest. Like Forest Gump’s mama said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” But we must keep opening the box and trying a new bite of life each day to enjoy it all.

These are the days of our lives. Let us not miss a one, lingering too long in this one or with some favorite or sad memory of what is and should be past.

Your friend and fellow traveler

Through time and space,

David White

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