Blog 1038 – 06.29.2018


Rarely, more so than most would expect, do speakers, writers, singers, song-writers and teachers get a lot, if any, feedback, so we continue to put it out there like sowing our seeds of truth hoping some will bloom into lovely flowers that will brighten the lives of others at least momentarily. We appreciate feedback but do not offer up our gifts for it, for gifts must be shared whether there is ever a “thank you” or a “just what I needed in that moment” – although that last one reminds us most the reason we were given these gifts to share.

Before one can speak, they must listen, in order to have something worthwhile to say. Before one can write, they must read, before one can sing or write songs, they must listen to music and hear it within. Before one can teach, they must learn the lessons of life. I have spent a lifetime listening, reading, enjoying the music of others, and I know I will continue to for as long as this life last and for, I think, many lives to come.

In some future life perhaps I will be a prodigy – an old soul born fully formed and ready to share his or her gifts from the start. But hey, it took me almost sixty-five years to realize what my gifts even were this time but I have had a heaven of a time learning and starting to share them in earnest. Thanks to each of you who receive them in whatever form, if quietly, but a special thanks to those of you who offer feedback if even not of the “I agree , wholeheartedly variety” but more the, “I can’t buy all of that but you made me think” kind. I will stay at it as long as I can, as long as I have something to say, write, sing or teach, lest I misplace these, my gifts, after taking a lifetime to find them.

Your friend and traveler,

Performing my tricks for fun not money or feedback,

David White

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