The David Within

Blog 917- 02.27.2018

The David Within

Someone has said there a limited number of book or movie plots and I am sure the same must be true of blogs. With well over nine hundred blogs under my belt I find myself returning to certain favorite themes over and over again. Just a few days ago in a piece titled “Within” I wrote that I believe the true source of all creativity and knowledge is inside us, within. A dear love sent me today’s picture which has a special meaning to me because my name is David, but “Beloved” that name’s meaning is all our name and there is a David within us all not just for slaying Goliaths but for loving.

I also quoted a favorite Bible verse recently that says, “Beloved, these things ought not so to be.” Jesus was often referred to as God’s beloved son or child and at other times “the Son Of David, child of the Beloved” In the first Superman movie there is a great line that is repeated in several others, “And the son (child) becomes the father (parent) and the father (parent) the son (child.) That is some good stuff. There is within each one of us a parent and a child and they, we are One. And no giant no matter how big or unlovable can overpower or resist The Beloved – the David. Next time you are facing a giant of either kind call on the David to meet whichever the challenge is and remember no matter what the actions of others may seem they all fall into one of two categories. They are either “Acts of Love” or “Cries for Love” and the Beloved Within can always more than handle either one. Someone recently ask me, “But Who is going to take care of you if something happens to you?” My answer – The One who always has and always will, David, in the highest and best sense of that word and name, my Beloved.


A little boy named David

Fought a lion and a bear

There were lambs counting on him

That those beasts would not spare.

Little David would not have it

Of a Source a Shepherd he sang

The Beloved within also named David

Saw the giant Goliath, no big thang.

And if you think he chose three stones

‘Cause he might miss and need the others

Think again he chose them ‘cause he had heard

Goliath had two other badder bigger brothers.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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