Napoleon And Hitler – Little Man Syndrome

Blog 875 – 01.15.2018

Napoleon And Hitler – Little Man Syndrome

It has been a while since I gave The Devil, puny little ego, a going over in this blog but when I saw the attached picture of Napoleon and Hitler I knew it was time. Unlike many people who see too well the ego or “little man syndrome” particularly in these two men which often overshadowed their nobler higher selves and achievements, I know there was God in them, good in them. Really, even Hitler, who was responsible as Fuhrer, Leader, of Germany, for not only the systematic attempted genocide of the Jews, killing over six million, but even before that for the murdering of mental patients, physically impaired people, Gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone who did not meet his narrow definition of what he believed was the superior race, an illusion really, one which even he could not have lived up to nor anyone else. Ego would always have us chasing our own tail like a puppy and listening to him lest we hear our own inner voice and figure out that all of us are a part of the true super race, the one race – that is all the children of the Universe. Hitler dreamed of making his gang, his clique, masters of the universe and of creating an empire that would last a thousand years. His reign and his Reich lasted only a little over ten years. And the big man little man ended up taking his own life in fear that others might do to him what he had ordered done to so many.

Napoleon listened to puny little ego too and though he also accomplished great things from relatively humble beginnings any good he might have done is forever over shadowed by his barbarism and stupidity. As the the smart kidnapper in the Princess Bride movie says, “Everybody knows you do not fight a war in Russia in the wintertime.” Everyone it seems but Napoleon and Hitler. And yeah they thought their armies would make short work of the Russians before winter set in. As the French and we thought we would conquer the North Vietnamese, or we with the U.N, thought we could defeat the North Koreans in short order. But we too were cocky and dead wrong. And maybe history is about to repeat itself. How about it Donald, which voice are you listening to? Be careful or you too might be written up in the history books as having “little hands” or “little man syndrome.” Only people who feel small have to brag about how big their buttons are. Only someone who sees themself as a little man wants to always pick a fight to prove to everyone how big and bad they are. Little man syndrome is one of puny little ego’s characteristics that he most likes for us to copy.

Little men have reeked havoc all over the globe down through the ages. Where was Wonder Woman when we so desperately needed her to take a leadership role. Girls say “No” to men any time you choose but do not take, “No” for an answer when it comes to equal pay, equal opportunity of advancement into upper management, and reproductive justice. No man should ever be able to tell you that you have to have a child, when, or how many. Well, I did not know we were going there, but I am glad we did.

Women sadly have listened to puny little ego too. Jennifer Lopes who plays a woman who lets boyfriends beat her in the great movie An Unfinished Life tells the sheriff in a new town that she has moved to trying to get away from one of them, “The sad thing is the reason women stay in those terrible relationships is because we think we don’t deserve any better.” It is time that we all quit listening to ego’s lies and rose up to our full stature as worthy and wonderful men and women, children and heirs to all the Universe, not masters of the universe but rightful heirs. Not to be splitting heirs here. I just could not resist the pun. Puns are fun, quit your groaning, your best, highest destiny owning.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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